What to eat on Yalda night

On Yalda night, in addition to delicious food, you can Ash Prepare special items for Yalda night and make your table more colorful and beautiful. Is. the smell Ash Grandmother’s delicious dishes, grandchildren’s noise, a table spread out of cashmere in the middle of the house, traditional bowls full of nuts, promise a memorable night. The grandmother cooks and the snacks they put on the table begin

And it ends with reading poetry and fortune telling of Hafez and the stories that the elders tell. Make your Yalda table more colorful than ever with these dishes

Pomegranate soup without meat

One of the traditional and old Iranian dishes is pomegranate soup without meat. The main ingredients of this delicious soup are pomegranate. The unique taste and aroma of this soup is so enchanting that it makes every guest a tablecloth in which he has tasted this soup.

The main feature of this delicious soup is that you can cook it without using meat in it and include it in your Yalda table. The ingredients used in the preparation of this delicious soup. We can mention half-grain rice, vegetable soup, garlic, pomegranate paste, onion, angelica powder and pomegranate juice.

Ash Anar Yalda

Lentil and pomegranate soup

Another delicious dish that is a good and memorable Yalda night for you and your Yalda guests is the local dish of Shahrekord, which is called lentil and pomegranate soup. The use of lentils in this dish has made this dish one of the most nutritious and nutritious traditional dishes.

If you want to make this delicious and vitamin-rich soup, you need ingredients such as vegetables, rice, lentils, dried pomegranate, onion, oil, garlic, hot mint, salt, pepper and turmeric.

Pomegranate lentil soup

Yalda night special soup

As its name suggests, the Yalda night soup is made of unique ingredients. From the same dishes that kind grandmothers cook to greet the winter and host their children and grandchildren with a delicious and nutritious dish.

This soup is rich in various vitamins and is very useful for strengthening the immune system. To make this delicious soup, you need ingredients such as spinach and dill, lentils and cobs, wheat flour, vinegar, fried onions, white sugar beets, hot mint, cranberries, salt and pepper.

Pomegranate soup with meat

Pomegranate soup with meat A delicious soup made with meat is the best option for winter, especially on Yalda night. A dish that, along with other foods, is not without grace. By including this soup in your Yalda table, you can be sure that you will have a memorable night for your Yalda guests.

Because this soup has a lot of charm from its unique taste to its decoration. In this soup, minced meat is used. Other ingredients that can be used to prepare this soup are: pinto beans, pomegranate juice, peas, peas, rice, hot garlic, pomegranate, vegetable soup, hot onion, hot garlic, minced meat, curry, water, onion , Salt, red pepper, black pepper and turmeric.

Pomegranate soup with meat

Pomegranate soup

There is nothing left until the night of Yalda if you are going to warm your family circle on this cold winter night. We suggest you make a delicious pomegranate soup because this soup has nothing to do with it and is exactly what you are looking for.

Your Yalda dinner table requires a bowl of pomegranate soup, so do not procrastinate and include this delicious soup in your Yalda night food and preparation plan. Do not worry, this soup is prepared with simple and inexpensive raw materials such as pomegranate juice, raisins, freshly chopped mint, butter, etc.

Pomegranate soup

Khashil Azeri

Another local food that belongs to Azerbaijan province and ironically has a lot of fans on Yalda night is called Kheshil. It is a very nutritious food and is prepared using wheat semolina, whole wheat flour, water, milk, honey or juice, butter, sugar and cinnamon. Iranians use it as a soup to diversify their Yalda dinner tables.

Noodle soup forever, of course, on Yalda night

Every Iranian lady knows how to prepare noodle soup, which we have completely described in the wet kitchen. This dish is recommended for all nights and special days of the year because it has a wonderful and popular taste, so if you are interested in this Iranian dish, be sure to complete your Yalda table with it on this night.

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