What was the reason for more than 60% of Tehranians getting corona?

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Headquarters for Combating Coronation in Tehran metropolis, emphasizing the need to avoid holding family courses, especially in winter, said: “Friendly, family and restaurant courses should be convened to prevent coronary heart disease and the continuing downward trend of the disease in Tehran.” ; Because familial erythema is at the forefront of mass infections in Tehran and more than 60% of coronary heart disease in Tehran is in family erythema.

We are worried about the corona winter peak

Tavakoli continued by stating that we are worried about the corona winter peak: “Evening and night traffic should be reduced and fortunately we no longer have to worry about organizational behaviors and health instructions are well followed in the offices, while at the beginning Corona was concerned about hygiene in public places such as gas stations, but now these concerns have been minimized.

“Fortunately, Shahid Soleimani’s plan to track people in contact with positive coronary patients has been started 3 weeks ago and active diagnostics has been launched, which can be very helpful so that coronary tests can be performed,” said the deputy director of the National Corona Headquarters in Tehran. Identify and isolate positive people in families.