What was the reason for Saba Rad divorcing his first wife? + Unseen photo of Sabarad

صبا راد (Fatemeh Rad) Born in 1980, she was the host of the program “Let’s Go Home”.صبا راد The wife of the famous singer Mani is the guide. صبا راد He resigned from television some time ago. صبا راد He also has fans in cyberspace with the photos he publishes of himself and Mani. صبا راد After emigrating to Turkey, he has now returned to Iran.

Since 1975, he has been a narrator of the “Sports-Vitality-Health” program and is one of the radio writers. According to Saba Rad, unlike people who were interested in this field and aspired to enter this field, He was not interested in this field at all and at the insistence of one of his friends, he took a speaking test and never thought that he would be able to communicate with people by doing so. He was also a top speaker and writer at the Provincial Centers Production Festival (Gilan Province). it’s been chosen.

The first performance on the radio

His first performance on the radio began with the program of sports, vitality and fitness in 1998, and he gradually moved towards writing and writing the text of the program.

He then became the presenter and then the producer of various programs. Saba Rad showed his abilities in 2011 when he was 31 years old with the Sib program, which he performed jointly with Ms. Arezoo Jafarpour.

He then became famous in 2014 with the performance of the program “Homecoming”.

  صبا راد

Saba Rad’s first marriage

Saba Rad married Morteza Aliabadi in 1392 when he was 32 years old, but this life did not last more than three years, and finally they separated in 1995. In addition to being a performer, Morteza Aliabadi was also the director of Esteghlal Tennis Sports Complex for some time. Now he also has acting experience.

Morteza Aliabadi said about living together with Saba Rad, the host of the TV program: “Certainly, anyone who decides to marry a famous person knows that this path has its own difficulties, but I must announce from here that about 6 We divorced Ms. Rad a month ago, I broke up and we are no longer related.

He added: “If the news of our separation has not been published in the media, it is because we did not want the concerns of our personal lives to enter the lives of the audience who are our supporters.

“Morteza Aliabadi” said: “I entered the world of acting with the series” Shamadoni “directed by Soroush Sehat, and after that I experienced my presence in the series Carousel directed by Abdullah Hamid Nejad and the movie My Beautiful Car directed by Mohsen Afshani.

He added: “Last week, my acting in the series” Eight and a Half Minutes “ended, and recently I signed a contract to appear in the series” Life of Glass “directed by Rama Ghavidel.

The actor also explained about his presence in the “Bachelors” series: “I have the role of one of the bachelors and the main roles, and fortunately, due to my previous collaboration with Soroush Sehat in this series, we are moving forward in good coordination.” Aliabadi, who is also an athlete, explained about his presence in both acting and sports: “Apart from acting, my main concern is managing the Esteghlal tennis complex, and I am one of the former football players and one of the coaches in Iran.” I have the highest level of coaching

  صبا راد

Saba Rad’s second marriage

Saba Rad married Mani Rahnama, a 46-year-old singer, for the second time in 2017 at the age of 37. Before announcing their marriage, joint photos of them were published.

Mani Rahnama has a son named Parsa born in 2001 from his first marriage, his marriage dowry with Ms. Rad is a confirmed romantic piece.

  صبا راد