What was the story of “Don’t Fly” code of Sardar Qassem Soleimani?

According to Borna; Sardar Shahid General Qassem Soleimani The commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, who these days the Iranian people are more aware of their struggles in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq; During the time of the Holy Defense, he was one of the top commanders who carried out various operations against the Ba’athist regime in Iraq. Activities that each untied the knot of the work of Islamic warriors and ultimately led to the victory of the Iranian nation.

In the following, we have paid special attention to Operation Valfajr 8 and Haj Qasem Command in this operation, so that the dear audience will be informed about a part of Haj Qasem Command during the holy defense.

The roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar of the roar! Faces towards wireless command, sharpened corners and thoughts focused on the result ?! Doesn’t the wireless turn on the wireless and the battalion commander wants to communicate with Haj Qasim? God willing, good news is being broadcast ?! My God and my Lord, are you different ?! That’s right! Haj Ahmad Amini is the commander of the divers’ battalion!

Qasim Qasim Ahmad .. Qasim Qasim Ahmad

Where is Haj Ahmad who made such a call ?!

From the bottom of his throat as someone who, in the bitter cold of winter under the snow and blizzard, wrapped his arms around his mouth and kept “hahaha”. Can he warm his hands ?! (From the bottom of the throat)

Qasim Qasim Ahmad Qasim Qasim Ahmad ?!

Hajj Qasim answers with the same throat, because he understands that Amini cannot speak easily. The Baathists may hear his voice and become sensitive:

Ahmad Ahmad Qasim …. Ahmad Ahmad Qasim

I hear Ahmad Jan, I hear what?

Pure darkness, winter cold and cold cold river ?! The semi-frozen body of the divers and clenching their teeth together so that they do not knock from the cold so that the enemy will not be informed!

Haj Ahmad: Haji Joon, should I fly, should I fly? (I mean to start the attack?)

Contacts are still coming out of the back of the throat

Haj Qasim: No, no, do not fly (do not attack), do not fly (do not attack) ?! Divers from neighboring divisions (left and right) have not yet arrived; Don’t fly?!.

This is a ploy by Haj Qasim, commander of Lashkar-e-Sarollah, to wait for the divers of the neighboring divisions to arrive; Calm has returned to some extent to the trenches of command and support units, and another expectation of a different kind still prevails in the trenches of our own forces. This situation is the beginning of an unrelenting battle with the obstacles and fortifications of the enemy, the front strongholds and. Heavy fire and unrest that will make the region a hell of a fire.

The divers had been trained for about six months to prepare for such a day. In the dam, pool; River and any bed that could be effective in terms of physical strength, finning, weather tolerance, cold water and getting used to diving suits, with all equipment including: individual weapons, Rpg 7, grenades Handguns and rifles, etc., which were completely waterproof with initiative and creativity; And that’s how they got to the high level of preparation.

The Diver Battalion, within its organization (squads, divisions and teams), had destructive forces, intelligence and operations (reconnaissance forces), as well as individuals who had received some specialized training and combat training, so that they could be an efficient force during battle. Independently carry out their mission without dependence.

Training in cold and winter rivers and performing similar maneuvers at night is so exhausting that it is beyond human imagination. Divers who performed these exercises on frequent night shifts; When they come out of the water, their teeth chatter as if they have no control over their teeth.

Of course, they lit a fire out of the water to warm their bodies and hands next to it until another turn.

These exercises and exercises were similar to operational maneuvers to gain experience during battle. However, when divers in rivers with a width of approximately 500 meters less than the Arvand River, and an approximate water flow rate of 20 kilometers per hour, which was not comparable to the 60 km speed of the wild Arvand River, deviate from the source to the destination with a distance of 200 meters. They reached the desired location.

Allahu Akbar!

Now, how do the children want to move from their origin and shore in the dark of night, and fight at a speed of 60 km of water and a width of 600 meters of Arvand and reach the exact destination without the slightest deviation?

Another prostration and this is the prostration of sugar after taking the toilet! And this means that “An Ma al-Asr Yasra” is the one who puts comfort after every hardship and we should be thankful for both his wisdom and his answers! Because both are humanizing. Read to answer.

Did the kids really get so close that they could no longer talk? Yes, that’s what happened, brother! The companions of the Spirit of God, those who learned from him the tenderness of the soul and love, but also perseverance and patience, know very well how to turn their hearts to God and make people happy and promising, and how to descend on the enemy and not deviate from justice.

The divers of the 41st Sarollah Division managed to cross the Arvand River and land on the enemy shore. Now, in this dark darkness and with that awesomeness, that is, with black diving and muddy clothes, they have taken sides in the Arvand Sharia and are lying down so that they are not visible to the enemy, waiting to clear the minefields, solar-solar or octagonal fields: sharp rebars that They are welded together in a special and spherical way to be a barrier for hovercraft or the passage of diver forces that the Ba’athists install in the water, etc. – barbed wire, ring, carpet and other obstacles by the destruction teams and some They were among the forces to start their movement from the enemy barriers to the Ba’athist strongholds. At the same time, by simply silencing the sound of breathing in their chests, they prevent the Ba’athists from being aware of their presence.

They have very scary and sensitive moments. Everything depends on these vanguard and devoted forces. Children are usually so as not to be seen in such circumstances, the verse “And I have made a barrier between their ideas and I am behind them, and they will understand” (Surah Yasin, verse 9) (and We have placed a barrier in front of them and a barrier behind them and covered their eyes). We were blinded (hence they do not see.) They were reading.

Meanwhile, an incident is about to take shape.

Several Ba’athists patrolling the lines and obstacles are found with their heads above the divers. God, what should be done? If they get involved, the operation may run into trouble at the last minute; So what to do? If everyone came to this conclusion at the same time, they should remain silent, which is a deadly silence, until it becomes clear what the Baathists will do. That is, leave the first move to the enemy, and then the forces decide and react based on the enemy’s action. It was customary for the reconnaissance forces to recite verses and forgeries when they approached the enemy’s strongholds to identify them, so that the enemy would not see them; And this was the performance of all the forces in difficult conditions! That is, this time the enemy has not seen the forces?

But it seems that this time another kind of divine grace wants to include the warriors.

Wow, did the situation get so bad ?! But isn’t it that when everything is sincerely entrusted to Hazrat Dost, he also leaves ?! Divine wisdom is not always what we understand. Sometimes the good of man is in not giving, and sometimes in obeying; And Hazrat Haqq knows this good better than us. Jesus hates something .. (You hate some things while there is a lot of good in it) –

Yes, but like that. God, what happened ?!

A very difficult and complex situation has prevailed over the forces and has disrupted the decision-making power.

Is it possible to start a conflict operation before announcing the password ?!

The beginning of the same conflict and the murder and massacre of the divers of the other units who have not yet succeeded in reaching the shore!