Which cars should be inspected?

According to Tejarat News, which cars should have a technical inspection card in 1400? According to the latest announcement, in 1400 domestic cars produced in 2016 and imported in 2016 are required to receive a technical inspection.

In this regard, Eqtesadnews reports that Hossein Moghadam, the director general of the Tehran Vehicle Technical Inspection Headquarters, asked which vehicles will be subject to technical inspection this year. He said: In 1400, cars produced in 2016 and before, imported cars in 2016 and before, and public cars produced in 1998 and before will be subject to technical inspection.

He added: “Citizens can refer to the desired center to manage time and minimize delays by using the online appointment system by making an appointment in advance. This system is currently available through the Tehran Me system and the website of the Tehran Vehicle Technical Inspection Headquarters.” .

Moghaddam pointed out: At present, 6,000 vehicles visit the technical examination centers in Tehran daily, and the referral situation is normal and almost all centers have no waiting queues. In addition, there is a system on the site of the technical inspection headquarters called the waiting period system, by which citizens can be informed about the length of the queue and waiting period, as well as the location of each center.

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