Which Corona medicines are covered by health insurance?

According to Borna; The prevalence of coronary heart disease and the trend of patients with coronary heart disease have prompted insurance companies to consider providing insurance coverage for drugs that help with coronary heart disease. However, according to the latest studies, no drug has been found in the field of corona treatment so far, and the prescribed drugs are also analgesic and complementary. The process of covering the health insurance debt of coronary patients is currently under consideration.

Hanan Haj Mahmoudi, director general of specialized services of the Health Insurance Organization, told the Borna reporter: The basis of the Health Insurance Organization’s coverage of medicines and services for patients with coronary heart disease is the guidelines developed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. From the beginning of the outbreak of this disease, this instruction has been updated and announced for implementation.

The director general of specialized services of the Health Insurance Organization said: Hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine phosphate in the outpatient ward and interferon beta in the inpatient ward are covered for patients with coronary heart disease, according to a statement from the Deputy Minister of Health on the Covid-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Guide.

Haj Mahmoudi added: These drugs must be included in the list of obligations of the organization beforehand. According to this notification, they will also be accepted and paid for the treatment of Covid 19.

He continued: As of November 16 this year, according to the notification of the Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and the approval of the 79th session of the Supreme Council of Health Insurance, favipirvavir and remedSivir have been covered by insurance for the treatment of Quid 19 based on the protocols of the Ministry of Health. .

According to the official in charge, other drugs used, including painkillers, antitussives, antiemetics, anticoagulants and antibiotics, will be paid for the treatment of these patients according to the list of basic insurance obligations and according to the provisions of the notification guide.

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