Which parts of the body do not feel our pain?

The human body naturally does not feel any pain in the nail area. This is why you can use nail clippers without any problems.

Pain is caused by the response of the nerves and is a normal function and reaction in the body. When a part of your body is damaged, the cells in that area send a very powerful nerve message to the brain cells, and the brain produces the command to feel pain. This signal transmission is a mechanism that exists in the life of all living things, including animals, so when we hit animals, they also feel pain. In this section, we are going to introduce you to three organs of the body that do not have the ability to feel pain.

The human body naturally does not feel any pain in the nail area. This is why you can use nail clippers and trim your nails without any problems. In fact, hygiene for nails; It is the same as shortening them. If you wanted to feel pain, you certainly could not do it on a regular basis.

Nail trimming never causes any pain. This is due to dead cells in this area. These cells contain a hard substance called creatine, which is a type of protein. The roots of the nails penetrate deep into the skin, and the elastic fibers hold them in place on the skin.

The area near the root of the nail is relatively circular in shape and is white. Trimming the nails from the edges never causes any pain, because no nerve transmission occurs in this area, but when the entire nail is completely detached from the finger, severe pain is felt. This is due to the presence of elastic fibers on the skin under the nails that send many nerve messages to the brain.

In fact, the root of the nail, which is attached to the skin, is responsible for transmitting the nerve message, so when the area is damaged, the person feels pain. Nails normally grow 1.9, 4.8 cm each year.


The hair has a yarn-like structure and is made up of creatine, and because of its structure, it is not connected to any neurotransmitter, so there is no pain when cutting the hair. The hair roots are deep in the skin, so when the hair is pulled out from the roots, there is a feeling of pain.

the brain

Yes, you got it right, the brain is an organ that does not feel pain. The brain does not feel pain by itself, because there is no mechanism in the brain itself to treat pain. This feature shows why neurosurgeons can operate on brain tissue without disturbing the patient, and in some cases can even perform surgery when the patient is awake.

Source: IRIB News Agency