Which physical diseases cause your hair to fall out?

to have Hair It is a characteristic of mammals, although some species live at certain times in their lives Hair are; And some have the same birth Hair are. Hair It has several functions. Thermal insulation against cold and in some species against heat is one of its functions. In humans, due to the evolutionary process, body hair shrinks and loses its insulating function.

The organs of the human body, as a whole, a complex and complex organization, constitute the human organism of existence. The dependence of these organs and their interaction with each other is such that the health of each organ depends on the health of the other organs. As long as all the organs of the body, as a whole, perform their functions naturally, no worries arise, and man is in perfect health, but as soon as one or a few of these organs are in a state of activity. If they are out of the normal, then, in addition to the disease, the general organ or organs of the body also become abnormal. On the other hand, hypersensitivity of the hair causes any disease that is found in the human body to affect the hair. The adverse effects of some parts of the body (during illness and disability) on the hair have been clarified so far, and some still remain in a state of ambiguity, which with the advancement of various disciplines, especially medical science, reveals these secrets. Will be removed.

There are many medical problems, the causes of which were unknown in the not-so-distant past, but now the nature of these problems has become very clear, and in the future the pace of science will progress rapidly and the causes will be clear. will be.

Many nutritionists today test patients’ hair to diagnose malnutrition. Therefore, it can be said that how hair grows and the health of other organs interact with each other.

Also, when the general health of the body deteriorates and the body’s resistance to infection is minimized, the skin and hair that are part of the body are affected by this condition, which in most cases, this weakness and weakness, Leads to hair loss.

Although it has now been proven by medical science that unhealthy hair is dull and unhealthy in people, or vice versa, how hair grows is a sign of illness or health, but hair loss requires serious illness and from Among the diseases that most often cause hair loss are tuberculosis, severe anemia, and diabetes.

But known diseases that directly affect the health of hair can be explained in some way by determining their characteristic features and the destructive function of each, so that readers get a more useful result and know their relationship with hair. .

Some of the most important physical diseases related to hair are:

A) Stomach (stomach diseases)

B) Teeth (dental diseases)

C) typhoid

D) Typhoid

E) Scalp infections

F) Inflammation of the scalp

G) Seborrhea (excessive dandruff on the scalp)

H) Surgery

Source: May Show