Who benefits from the tensions between China and India?

“Nikolai Kodashev” Ambassador of Russia In New Delhi, he said on Monday, foreigners were out of tension China And India They are used to create divisions in the region.

In an interview with Sputnik, Kodashev said that although the outbreak of the coronavirus had affected bilateral plans between Russia and India, relations between the two countries remained strong.

“The current lack of trust between India and China is a matter of concern, but not just for Russia,” he added. This is potentially detrimental to the stability of Eurasia as a whole. “Dialogues between different levels of Chinese and Indian officials are promising, and we have no doubt that these two important Asian neighbors will use their civic wisdom for constructive communication.”

“But what is particularly worrying is the foreign actors who are trying to use this situation to the advantage of their geopolitical goals to create divisions in the region,” Kodashev said.

“An important part of Singh’s agenda was to implement potential defense cooperation between the two countries,” he said of Indian Defense Minister Rajnat Singh’s recent visit to Russia. “This trip provided an opportunity to explore the full range of relations in this area and to emphasize the commitment of both parties to the timely implementation of agreements and contracts.”

Since the two neighboring countries of India and China do not have a definite border and have only one real line of control for the separation of the two territories, which was established in 1962 after the war between the two countries, there have been many border clashes between the two sides in recent decades. .

The escalation of the recent border clashes between the two sides, especially in the Ladakh region, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of dozens of soldiers, has led both sides to strengthen their military positions in the border area.