Who benefits from weakening Mobarakeh Steel? / Foreign sanctions and domestic attacks, two edges of a pair of scissors

In the Trump administration’s campaign of maximum pressure, Mobarakeh Steel Company has been banned even more times than the National Iranian Oil Company, and the US Treasury Department announced this year, at the same time as boycotting a number of its subsidiaries, that ” “Mobarakeh Steel Company is the largest steel company in the Middle East and North Africa and has a one percent share in Iran’s GDP.”

No other Iranian company has been as vulnerable to foreign attacks as Mobarakeh Steel, and now, strangely enough, we are witnessing a campaign of maximum pressure against Mobarakeh Steel inside the country as well!

Mobarakeh Steel is undoubtedly the strongest example of industrial development in the post-revolutionary period; Even in the oil industry, we do not have an example that can compete with this large steel company in terms of development and prevention of crude sales. Mobarakeh Steel Group’s steel production capacity, which was 2.4 million tons per year in 1372, is currently 10.3 million tons per year. Along with this astonishing growth, Mobarakeh Steel Group has about 12 development projects worth more than one billion Euros underway, which will lead to the employment of about 20,000 people and the injection of 20,000 billion Tomans of new resources into Iranian contractors.

In the first six months of this year, 17% of the country’s pellets, 25% of the sponge iron produced in the country and 38% of the steel ingots produced in the country have been produced in Mobarakeh Steel Group. Mobarakeh Steel’s hot-rolled super-project No. 2, which was started by the company’s management during the sanctions period, will not only make the country needless to import sheets, but by exploiting this super-project, one million tons of sheets in excess of domestic consumption will be produced. . This large project, in addition to being a great achievement in the country’s steel industry, will provide the necessary ground for a leap in production in industries such as automobiles, home appliances, packaging, and so on.

The question is, with such a background and such a performance, why should we witness an internal attack on Mobarakeh Steel? This internal attack is trying to stir up public opinion against Mobarakeh Steel, which is undoubtedly the forefront of the country’s industry, by raising unprofessional issues. This ash has become so salty that they have asked the parliament to investigate Mobarakeh Steel.

The interesting thing is that:

✔ Sale of Mobarakeh Steel is through the commodity exchange and with the highest level of transparency.

شرکتThe company has not backed down from development even for a moment, and even in its annual general meetings, it has had the lowest profit distribution so that the profits produced in the company can be spent on fighting raw materials and creating jobs.

Despite the sanctions, the company keyed in the digital transformation plan at the same time as the world’s largest steel companies to become a smart factory in the near future.

Mobarakeh Steel has invested heavily in the production of concentrate and pellets to eliminate the deficit of these materials and at the same time has invested in the graphite electrode production plant to remove the monopoly of production of this material from the developed countries and remove the shadow of the graphite electrode embargo forever. Iran’s steel industry.

Mobarakeh Steel has major development plans in its subsidiaries such as Amirkabir Kashan Steel, Hormozgan Steel, Sefiddasht Steel and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Car Sheet.

An attack on Mobarakeh Steel is an attack on all this; The attack on Mobarakeh Steel is an attack on the development of the country’s steel industry and economic self-sufficiency.
While in the past months of the “production leap” year we have witnessed continuous record-breaking in the production of Mobarakeh steel products and its subsidiaries, the attacks on this company have also reached the highest level.

In a situation where sanctions have not been able to ground Mobarakeh Steel and hinder the development of this company, to find the answer to this question, it is necessary to investigate who really benefits from weakening Mobarakeh Steel and accusing it with dubious motives? Aren’t domestic attacks and US government sanctions really two sides of the same coin?