Who gets free gas?

According to the Baaqtesad news website, one of the plans of the Ministry of Oil to optimize and reduce gas consumption in the cold months of the year is to reduce the gas consumption of low-consumption subscribers by 100%. Explaining the plan, Minister of Oil Bijan Zanganeh, noting that about a third of the population of home subscribers will be included in the plan, announced that the project will cost 400 billion tomans.

In this regard, in the meeting of 9/19/1399, at the proposal of the Ministry of Oil and based on Article 138 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, the Cabinet has approved a plan for a 100% reduction in the prices of low-consumption subscribers. The details of this plan are as follows:

1- The Ministry of Oil is allowed to calculate the gases of low-consumption household subscribers with the consumption pattern specified in the table below from the beginning of January 2016 with a 100% discount (100%). This sentence includes gazebas and all related expenses (taxes, value added taxes and gas supply taxes) and only applies to permanent settlements in urban and rural operation, as well as nomadic settlements. Unoccupied units and non-permanent settlements such as villas and garden houses are not covered by this discount:

2- The bites of other subscribers will not change until the specified consumption pattern.

3- Subscribers with a monthly consumption of more than the consumption pattern have 6 months to improve their consumption behavior and reduce gas consumption, including by using the following methods:

A: Implementation of consumption optimization measures that are trained for free by the National Iranian Gas Company.

B: Participate in gas consumption optimization projects, including improving the engine room system and replacing worn-out heaters.

At the end of this period, the gas price of those subscribers whose consumption exceeds the set pattern will increase upon the proposal of the Ministry of Oil and the approval of the Economic Council./Fars