Who gets the 100 thousand toman subsidy?

According to the announcement Government , According to the resolution of the National Corona Headquarters as well as the resolution of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and following the agreement on supporting the livelihood of low-income groups whose income has been disrupted due to the outbreak of Corona disease, it was decided: 120 thousand Tomans per month ( Subsidy Third) be paid.

Also, other people with the following characteristics will be paid 100,000 Tomans per month;
People whose family members do not receive a monthly salary
People whose family members are not insurers
– People whose family members do not have a minimum income according to banking indicators
– People who are in the livelihood subsidy group.

It is worth mentioning that these funds will be paid for four months from December. The first stage of this livelihood support has been deposited in the accounts of the eligible individuals on 1/8/7.

An official in charge Ministry of Welfare Regarding the time of depositing 100,000 Tomans per capita to the accounts of the affected families, he said: “According to the plan, by the end of December, the mentioned amount will be transferred to the accounts of 29 million and 700 thousand people specified by the Ministry of Welfare.”

Based on this, in the remaining four months of this year, 100,000 Tomans per month will be transferred to the account of the head of the household of 30 million people. The question that arises is; Where is the resources of 3 thousand billion Tomans per month for the payment of the third subsidy provided?

It should be noted that this figure is equivalent to a monthly deposit cash subsidy 45,000 Tomans is for 60 million subsidies.