Who is the best player in Serie A season?

According to Mediast, the selection ceremony of the best players of last season in Serie A was held on Friday night, and Cristiano Ronaldo was able to win the title of the best player of the 2019-2020 season.

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, the Portuguese superstar Ronaldo received the most votes in this poll, which was conducted with the participation of players, and was selected as the best player of last season with authority. He played a significant role in Juventus’ ninth consecutive title.

Ronaldo said after winning the award: “First of all, I must say that last year was bad for everyone. Corona created special conditions. However, it was a good year for us personally and as a group because we were able to win the title in the series.” A to obtain.

He continued: “It was difficult to play in stadiums empty of spectators, however, our goal was to win the championship, but we also wanted to win the Champions League, but we could not achieve this goal. After all, football is a big challenge and it is not always possible to succeed.