Why did Saudi Arabia cancel all international flights?

According to Borna; A source in the Saudi Interior Ministry announced the temporary suspension of all international flights to the country.

According to the report, the decision was made at the request of the Saudi Ministry of Health after the outbreak of the coronavirus mutant in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom.

This Saudi decision has been made temporarily for one week and can be extended for another week.

Entry to Saudi Arabia via all land and sea crossings has also been temporarily suspended for a week.

So far, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy have suspended flights to the UK. Trains from Belgium to the UK are also banned.

The Netherlands announced on Sunday that it had canceled all flights originating in the UK after identifying a new strain of the coronavirus in one of its passengers.

The Dutch Ministry of Health said in a statement: “This new type of coronavirus is spreading in the UK. It is said that this type of virus spreads more easily and quickly and is more difficult to detect.

At the same time, British health officials say there is no evidence that the new strain of the virus is more deadly than the previous one or that it reacts differently to the corona vaccine. But they say the spread of the new strain is up to 70 percent higher.