Why do fundamentalists like being president so much?

It is as if the situation is almost the same among the reformists, and everyone who has the necessary position and wealth rejects the offers and says in a speechless language: Go, this trap is not for chickens anymore … It is true: with empty treasuries, with authority Few presidents, just and high expectations of the people and the existence of a horrible whirlpool of crises, challenges and dilemmas, few people will be able to manage the situation, and if he does not want to put his life and reputation on the issue and the people have not finished his argument, reason dictates that Let him flee and … the ropes of the ropes on the strangers and the ropes of the last ones, the first ones … they threw the rope of the caliphate on the camels and …

But in the real world, especially among fundamentalists, this is not the case, and their ideas and analyzes are far removed from standard frameworks.

If we take a look at the current situation and the history of the presidency, we will probably be able to understand from the point of view of these honorable people and give them the right to enter the fray immediately and even demand a fighter. The fact of the matter is that the presidency of the fundamentalists is very different from that of the reformists.

During the reforms, a crisis was created for the president every 9 days, but during the time of Mr. Ahmadinejad, not only did no one dare to create a crisis, they fought battles themselves and sometimes clashed with the UN Security Council and their resolutions without the slightest necessity! They filled it and no one could question them, for example, what is the need to raise the issue of the Holocaust now, and why should we add suffering to the sufferings of our people out of nowhere?

All kinds of foreign trips were made without diplomatic justifications, and the last time they arrived in New York, they took 150 people with their families, and God knows what the cost was, and the water did not move!

Most importantly, in a record-breaking economic phenomenon, $ 800 billion in revenue was generated for the country, but 2 lines have not yet answered where and how they spent this money and handed over the empty treasury to the next government !?

When the position of a post in a faction is like this and they just receive all kinds of unseen support and Sada-e Azadi makes a management miracle out of him for at least 7 years of his tenure, it is both fortune telling and watching and others who may have more records have the right to dream of a presidency. Let them grow up and measure their luck in this safe and unanswered valley! Of course, such management and its surroundings are not limited to the fundamentalists in the post of president, and the situation was more or less the same in the municipality, and the capital was in the hands of the fundamentalists for about 15 years and still do not answer many important and documented ambiguities and questions. He does not notice them either. Of course, the problem of unhindered management and maximum support is not a bad thing, which is a privilege in itself and can help solve many challenges. The problem is that when people, especially in the most sensitive positions and officials are not constantly questioned and held accountable. To the extent that they ridicule the parliament, they cause huge losses that will plague the country and the people for years to come. From now on, despite the presence of a chamber that prepares the presidency for certain people, the fear of repeating the miraculous period of the third millennium is not unlikely, except that this time the situation is much more fragile and the strength of the country’s foundations is not such that it can withstand adventures and cargo management. .