Why doesn’t Biden call Ben Salman a murderer?

According to reports Economy News “Biden and Putin certainly have different views on their respective countries and how they interact in the world,” Saki was quoted as saying by IRNA on Thursday, according to IRNA.

He continued: “But there is room for agreement on mutual cooperation that we must continue on our way.” As mentioned in part of President Putin’s comments, look for ways to work together.

A White House spokesman added: “There are areas of mutual interest; New start contract that we extended for five years. Obviously, Russia is a member of the P5 + 1 group, which is considering how to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

“So we are confident that we can look for ways to serve our mutual national interests,” Saki said. But the president has no plans to back down verbally or in action when he is worried.

“Our ambassador is in Moscow and he is interacting with the Russians,” he said. Diplomacy is the first step for all our relations, even with our enemies.

Asked if Biden regretted what he had said about Putin, the White House spokesman said: “No, he gave a clear answer to a clear question.

Asked why he did not name Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as the killer, Saki said: “I do not want to add the names of the killers in this hall today.”