Why is the stock market not positive? – Trade News

According to Tejarat News, the total index of 1.430 million units is an important range for the stock market, but during today’s trading, the supply market pressure caused the total index to lose this range, however, what will happen to the stock market?

Peyman Haddadi, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News about the continuation of the stock market trend: “There are two scenarios for the short-term future of the stock market, if the total index exceeds 1.430 million units and trades continue above this number for a few days.” Yes, we can expect growth of 100,000 units in the short term, but if the total index goes below 1.3 million units, we probably have about 100,000 units of decline ahead.

Regarding the reason for the stock market’s disregard for positive signals, the expert said: “Positive news and signals and even the growth of global prices due to the lack of money in the stock market have little effect.” As sometimes negative news and signals are ignored due to the presence of money in the stock market.

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