Will detergent become a luxury item?

According to reports EconomyOnline Quoted from Hamshahri; The corona outbreak is one year old Consumption of detergents Has multiplied many times before all over the world and has made these materials one of the most important components of people’s lives.

Prepared from the winter of last year and the first days of the spread of this disease in Iran Detergents and disinfectants Along with other health items and disease prevention, such as masks and disposable gloves, it became one of the most important concerns of the people and the sudden increase in demand in some parts of the market faced challenges such as shortages and rising prices. It was not easy for companies to adapt to the high volume of demand, especially as all producers were preparing for the two-week New Year holidays, but due to the crisis, the necessary measures were taken quickly to reduce people’s access to detergents. Minimize in a short time.

The detergent market is usually a seasonal market and there is an increase in demand at certain times of the year, but the corona changed the situation and, according to the officials of the Ministry of Silence, increased the production of detergents by 8 times. This volume of production of the detergent and hygiene market stabilized and calmed down after Eid, and there were almost no problems with the supply of health items; Of course, except for the high price.

Expensive health items

The prices of some health products and disinfectants, such as masks, gloves and alcohol, increased sharply in the days following the outbreak of coronation in the country, while every day and every moment by experts and health officials on the vitality and necessity of using this Items were stressed, pharmacies ran out of these products, and consumers had to buy whatever they could find, at any cost, to avoid disease as much as possible. The price of each double-layer mask increased from 500 tomans to 2 thousand tomans and the price of more specialized types such as N95 increased from 2 thousand tomans to 10 to 20 thousand tomans.

Disposable gloves from packages of 25 thousand Tomans, first reached 50 thousand Tomans and then went up to 180 thousand Tomans, and finally to this day has not been lower than 70-60 thousand Tomans.

Detergent prices went up

Despite all the irregularities caused by the outbreak of the corona in the supply of masks and gloves, the market for detergents and cleaners was well supplied and, according to all, there was no shortage in this sector, but rising prices was a challenge that plagued consumers. The use of all kinds of detergents, from detergents to washing powders and liquids, soaps, multi-purpose cleaners and bleaches, the latter of which were used to disinfect surfaces in the absence of alcohol, increased sharply during the Corona, and these materials are still in high demand. They face the market, but on the other hand, the increase in the exchange rate has made it more expensive for producers to supply imported raw materials, and at the same time, other production costs have risen, and producers have said they have no choice but to raise final prices.

The price of detergents has risen by 25 percent by this summer and in some items by as much as 70 percent, imposing staggering costs on households as families were forced to spend about 30 percent of their income on hygiene items.

2 times price increase this year

Rising exchange rates and the high cost of petrochemicals were the main reasons for the increase in the cost of detergents. After a round of 20% price increase in May and June, in the first days of November, the Detergent and Sanitary Industries Association announced that due to the increase in the cost of production, some production units are not able to continue production at previous prices. In order to “prevent the losses of craftsmen, prevent the shortage of detergents in the market and not to apply different prices in the market,” the price increase decision has been issued by this association.

The third round of high prices; Yes or no?

Since November of this year, the approved prices of 6 detergents and hygiene products, including washing machine powder, soap, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing liquid, toothpaste and glass cleaner, have increased by 40% and other detergents by 30%. But now we are talking about the third round of price increases. A look at the prices of different types of detergents in the market shows sometimes staggering prices such as 80 to 100 thousand Tomans for a 3 liter washing liquid and 15 to 30 thousand Tomans for a 500 ml bottle of washing liquid, and in other items, some new prices can be seen. Shopkeepers say their recent purchases are at new prices and they have bought products more expensive than before, and television reports of detergents becoming more expensive in recent days. In response to this news and reports, the deputy head of the Penitentiary Organization called the third round of price increase for detergents illegal and unlicensed, and announced that he would use the November prices as a criterion and deal with the high sellers.

All this is in the context of the fact that the Iranian Association of Detergent and Hygiene Industries denies the third round of price increase and announces that the price of detergents has not changed compared to the rates announced in November.