Will Donald Trump go to the bottom of hell ?!

According to the group on the Borna media line; Regarding the political future of Trump, regarding the final results of the 2020 US presidential election, Amir Ali Abolfath said: “Despite the fact that the results of the US election have been finalized, but Trump will still not accept the election results. He said before the election that I won the election.” I will, and if I do not win, it would indicate election fraud.

A category called “failure” does not make sense to Trump

“Whether he accepts the election results or not, he has to leave the White House in January and has no means of defying it,” he said, adding that the issue of defeat does not make sense to Trump.

“There is some evidence that Trump will go to his Florida mansion after leaving the White House,” Abu al-Fatah said. “Some media outlets have reported that Trump announced his candidacy on the day Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States.” Announces for the 2024 elections. Of course, this is what the media announced, and it is not clear whether this will happen or not.

Trump’s name as a brand will remain in the American political sphere for many years

“Trump’s name as a brand will remain in the American political arena for years to come, as he won even 10 million more votes in the 2020 election than in the 2016 election,” he said. “These votes and Trump’s qualities build that capacity.” That he or his family continue to play a role in the American political sphere. For example, he may run in the 2024 elections himself or one of his close relatives, including his son or daughter, may enter the field.

Trump can lead a powerful current in the Republican Party

Referring to the Republicans’ view of Trump’s capabilities and the position he holds among some American citizens, he said: “Trump can lead a strong current in the Republican Party, and even if he does not run in the 2024 election, he will support any A Republican candidate increases that candidate’s chances of winning.

Abolfath continued by stating that Trump and Trumpism will be with the United States for many years: As mentioned, Trump’s personality is not such that he accepts defeat and leaves. He will continue to fight and try to stay on the American political scene, but the realization of this issue, along with the capabilities that Trump has, goes back to other factors, including who Trump’s rivals in the 2024 elections are and on behalf of Trump, on the other hand, has created a lot of enemies for himself with his actions and stances, which create and create all the challenges for Trump.

Two destinies facing Trump

The US expert also referred to the cases of political, economic and moral corruption that Trump is likely to face after the end of his presidency, and said that he might be sued and convicted for these cases. In fact, Trump now has two destinies, either to become the leader of a powerful opposition or to go to hell for these cases, and given Trump’s emotional personality, one can imagine two ends of the spectrum for him.

The accusations against Trump

Asked if Trump could form a “shadow government” during Biden Biden’s presidency, he said he faces charges such as tax evasion, money laundering, immorality, and so on. He said: “If we mean the government in the shadow of what we see in Britain, we must say that the American political structure is different from the British structure and we can not imagine what we see in Britain in the United States.

The US expert noted that Trump will continue to try to express his views through his Twitter account and put pressure on the Biden administration: “He also has strong sponsors, and these are all tools that If Trump does not stand trial, he could use them to challenge the US-based government.

Trump is an emotional person

Abolfath continued: “But as mentioned, Trump is an emotional person and we have to see how he acts. So far, his mistakes have been tolerated because he was president, but after the end of his presidency, the US ruling system may not go through the same mistakes and mistakes as in the past and deal with these mistakes and mistakes, and this has caused The tools at his disposal can be taken away from him.

Source: ISNA