With this method, eyebrow fibrosis is more durable

Just as not every round is a walnut, we pigmenters say that not every microbleeding is fibrosis. Eyebrow fibrosis, if done properly, has a high durability, does not change color and disappears from your skin over time without any problems.

Many women suffer from low back and shapely eyebrows and try to solve this problem in different ways. There is no need to worry today.

At the Hosseini Prisoners’ Service Center, we say that only death has no choice in this world. New permanent makeup techniques in recent years have made women more willing to experience these techniques and eliminate facial imperfections by using them.

All of these methods are natural and make a woman’s face look more beautiful, younger and fresher. We all know that if a full eyebrow and its shape fits our eyes and the cup of our face, the beauty of our eyes will be multiplied. In the words of the Shirazis: the house is water and the broom is the woman of eyes and eyebrows.

In this article, we will review the current techniques of the permanent face makeup industry and their details. To know the key points and completely free trainings, follow Esra Hosseini’s site.

What is fibrosis microbleeding?

After the oldest permanent make-up techniques, namely old tattoos, Hashour eyebrows found many fans among Iranian women. Hashour was drawing eyebrows with an electric pen and a single-headed needle on the skin.

In previous years, all the lines were smooth and upwards, but with the passage of time and the mastery of pigments, everything took on a different color and smell. Eyebrow fibrosis changed the world of tattoo artists with three patterns of Apraspin, Spin 3 and Spin 6 on women’s eyebrows.

In this technique, using a microbleeding pen, all the lines in the direction of the eyebrow hair growth are applied with the same curvature and the same delicacy, so that the lines drawn from the client’s eyebrows will be indistinguishable.

In addition to being natural, another advantage of eyebrow fibrosis is that it disappears from the skin. Esra Hosseini microbleeding service has many fans because in addition to having elegance and no color change, it lasts more than two or three years. Because Esra Hosseini is an official member of the Academy in Europe and has passed the fibrosis course under the supervision of the Grand Master of the Academy, Branko Babik.

Eyebrow fibrosis

If this technique is applied using low-quality porcelain needles and paints containing lead and other heavy metals, it will need to be cleaned like old hatchets. The fibrosis technique makes sense with the German fi needle and the German fibrosis dye. Anything that looks like fibrosis but is struck with a needle and a different color is just microblading.

Fibrosis microbleeding worries

If the fibrosis microbleeding is not done properly, after a short time, the color of all the lines will spread and turn into a shadow, or it will have a short shelf life of one or two months.

To prevent shading of fibrosis, especially in oily skin, the lines should be slightly spaced apart. On dry skin, lines can be drawn close together. We do not recommend the fibrosis technique for oily skin. If your skin is oily, you can benefit from the free advice of Esra Hosseini to know the proper technique for your eyebrows. Just send a message to them on WhatsApp. All the proposed techniques are among the latest techniques of Phi Company and can be removed with a laser shot.

Usually, after three to four tattoos, the client is advised to remove his tattoo because the skin is like a balloon that has a certain capacity to accept color. Advances in the world of permanent makeup have been so great that these days, using the latest tattoo removal techniques, tattoos can be removed without leaving a trace. All of these techniques are skin-free and have a short recovery period and easy care.

Easy to remove fibrosis

In the new tattoo removal technique, the skin is not scarred at all. These techniques easily eliminate even pink, red and beige colors and are suitable for eyes and lips. The only methods that can be used to remove lip and eye tattoos are offered at Esra Hosseini Academy. Esra Hosseini, in order to provide the best services to her dear customers, has passed these techniques along with the only Mr. Remo in the world, namely Jordi Joseph Napunillo from Italy, in order to be able to meet the needs of her customers in all fields and maintain their skin and body health. .

In the hope that women will always be beautiful after Iran Zamin, join the Esra Hosseini Academy.

Beautiful eyebrows

Indeed, Esra Hosseini Academy offers 100% free services to people who have undergone chemotherapy or suffer from alopecia with the best materials and the best techniques. Please tell those around you. We know that their sufferings will never be forgotten, but by making them more beautiful, we can put a smile on their lips again. Let us share in this kindness.

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