With this syrup, easily get rid of gallstones and your kidneys

Honey vinegar syrup contains a variety of vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, protein, acetic and formic acid, menthol, flavonoids, carbohydrates, sugar such as glucose, sucrose And fructose, copper, phosphorus and sulfur. Join us to check the properties of honey vinegar syrup and for whom it is useful to consume this syrup.

The most important properties of honey vinegar syrup

This syrup purifies the blood and also eliminates the concentration of blood; Honey vinegar syrup has a significant effect on cleansing the stomach, liver, kidneys and urinary tract and eliminating gallstones and kidney stones.

This syrup helps to relieve heartburn, acid and gastroesophageal reflux disease; Honey vinegar syrup has an effective role in relieving arthritis.

Honey vinegar syrup disinfects the body and kills bacteria and fungi; This syrup lowers blood pressure and prevents strokes and heart attacks.

Honey vinegar syrup has an effective role in treating skin diseases such as vitiligo (blemishes), itching, eczema, urticaria and psoriasis (a type of skin damage associated with itching); This syrup helps reduce blood sugar and lipids.

Honey vinegar syrup has a significant effect on cleansing the liver and gastrointestinal tract, increasing the body’s energy and eliminating bloating, fatty liver, sore throat and cough; This syrup opens the arteries and quenches thirst and is very useful for bilious people.

Contraindications to the use of honey vinegar syrup

Pregnant women should not consume this syrup; People with stomach ulcers should also be careful in using this syrup, and in preparing it, reduce the amount of vinegar and increase honey, and replace licorice sweat with mint sweat.

Honey vinegar syrup has special properties according to the distillates used in its preparation, for example, if this syrup is mixed with more famous and chicory sweat, it is useful for cleansing the liver, and if honey syrup is mixed with chamomile, licorice and Combining yarrow promotes stomach health.

Honey vinegar syrup has antibiotic properties if mixed with thyme and peppermint, and if combined with valerian, rose hips and lavender, it becomes soothing and hypnotic.

Honey vinegar syrup along with Sweat of Sweat, Squeak and Celery cleanses the kidneys and removes kidney stones, and if we combine this syrup with the sweat of nettle, tulip (sage) and fenugreek, it is useful for diabetics.

If we combine honey vinegar syrup with olive and walnut leaf sweat, it will reduce blood pressure, and if we mix cumin, dill and aloe vera sweat with this syrup, it will reduce blood lipids; According to the explanations, people can replace the above-mentioned distillates with peppermint sweat, depending on the type of disease.

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Ingredients for preparing one and a half liters of honey vinegar syrup

Grape or apple cider vinegar ……….. 6 tablespoons

Honey ………………………. 6 tablespoons

Peppermint sweat ………………………. 10 to 12 tablespoons

Water …………………………. five to six glasses

How to prepare honey vinegar syrup

– To prepare honey syrup, mix honey and vinegar together and add to the water and mint sweat solution.

– It is better for thin people to use grape vinegar and apple vinegar for preparing this syrup.

Hot-tempered people should reduce the amount of honey and increase the amount of vinegar, but cold-tempered people should increase the amount of honey and reduce the amount of vinegar.

Source: Bitoteh