Yahya Golmohammadi made a mistake in the starting lineup of Persepolis!

Morteza Fanunizadeh Regarding the performance of Yahya’s disciples Damask rose In the final of the Asian Champions League, he mentioned the following points:

* We dribbled all the problems except VER; By the time it reached the final, Persepolis had dealt with all the problems such as lack of players, deprivation of its stars and the loss of its influential pieces, and had managed to reach the Asian final with enthusiasm, but individual mistakes and VER prevented it from winning the only trophy in the Persepolis showcase. it is empty.

* Ulsan was one of the weakest teams in Persepolis League of Asian champions Had encountered it. Shiri was one of the best players yesterday and unfortunately his only mistake changed the position of 10% of the goal to 99%. The pressure on him should not be increased. Golmohammadi could also have made his substitutions sooner and sent Shojaei to the field in the 60th minute instead of Alisha, who had run and worked hard for the team. Yahya could even put Shiri on the bench in the starting lineup, as in the group stage games, and use the blessings of the left defense, and the success of Nia and Sarlak will be defensive midfielders, and Bashar will play on the right wing instead of the central midfielder.

* After the resumption of the Champions League, players with no Asian experience were added to Persepolis. Their unpretentiousness allowed them to pass the barrier of rivals very well, and if a player like Al-Katheer had more Asian experience, he would never have provided the ground for his deprivation. Good players have been added to the team this season and now they have enough experience for next season’s Champions League.

* Yahya is going through a period that Branco also experienced. The stars of the team are gone and the team lacks nuts, but cohesion and empathy is the most important thing that Golmohammadi should remind his team. Persepolis has the potential to win the Premier League, and the difference with the Asian final is that we will have players like Vahid Amiri and Ehsan Pahlavan in the continuation of the league. I hope for Yahya and his team, and with the fifth consecutive championship in the Premier League, the bitter memory of the runner-up in Asia will be forgotten.