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Yalda night or Cheleh night is one of the oldest Iranian celebrations. The festival celebrates the longest night of the year, followed by longer days in the Northern Hemisphere, which coincides with the winter solstice.

Yalda is the time between sunset from December 20 (the last day of autumn) to sunrise on the first of January (the first day of winter). On the night of Yalda, Iranian families usually serve a sumptuous dinner, as well as a variety of fruits, most commonly watermelon. After snacks, family storytelling is common for other family members, as well as divination with Hafez’s court.

In this news, on the occasion of Yalda night, which goes back to the ancient tradition of Iranian history, we have prepared funny SMS with the themes of this night for you, which you can see below.

Funny SMS for Yalda night

Your face is like a watermelon, your laughter is like a slice of watermelon, your rose is like a watermelon skin, my pocket is full of watermelon eggs
happy Yalda

It was Yalda night and Milad Khosh Izad Mehr / The birth of light from this dark darkness of Sepehr
It was Yalda night and on the table the heart of the wind of love / the face of the mistress and the intoxication of the love of love
May your birthday night be full of stars and memories

Yalda’s dear Hindu night
Although sour and lazy Hindu
I asked the price, oh dude
Say Hiss Giza Hindu

You were with your friend on Yalda night
You were attached to him and you were sick
You got his lice at night
Were you ignorant, unemployed?

Belief in light and brightness,
That dark dinner, from the heart of Yalda night
The celebration of love and enlightenment gives us gifts
Happy birthday

Make you happy on Yalda night
I have a long list of creditors
But my Hindu in Yalda dinner
It was white like cow’s milk
My sour pomegranate and walnuts are empty
And my wife’s eyes, alas
There were bitter nuts and apples
And it definitely turns upside down

Hot and new SMS for Yalda night

Among the fallen friends of a single / Hindu dress, Zalft is the same as Pashmak!
I’m sending you a text message now / Your birthday night, flower! Congratulations!

Let’s turn our hearts a little upside down
Let’s go crazy for each other
Yalda night has become a close friend
Let’s become Indians together
happy Yalda night

Start the short day / the end of autumn
Did you bring watermelon? / Did you count your chickens?
Winter is coming tomorrow / Happy Yalda!

You are the most beautiful, handsome and classy person on earth
This is the birthday of the Indians! Leave in the fridge to cool!

All the last moments of autumn, full of beautiful wishes
happy Yalda

I’m going on Friday, I do not think we will see each other… Do not forget me and forgive me for all my evil…
On behalf of Autumn – Happy Yalda

Special SMS for Yalda night

The price of Yalda night burn ointment is very, very high.
If you did not buy it sooner, you might remember the white watermelon you got
Then you will need it !!!

Your life is one hundred nights Yalda / Polton is the value of a world
In these cold nights / remember you are always with us
Be happy, good luck / be sad for tomorrow

How many more hours are left until the end of autumn, did you count your chickens?

Congratulations on the arrival of the exam season!
Yalda Night Cuff Making Headquarters ::

I do not know where you are tonight.
Who do you share your red rind with?
Who do you intend to use Hafiz’s fortune?
But I know that you are with me in the joy of my heart. . .

Jake. Jake. Jake. Jake. Jake
Add a jake and send it to the next chicken!

Yalda Night Greetings SMS

Let’s celebrate Yalda, whatever is dark, whatever is cold and tired, so that dawn disappears from our being, tonight we will keep awake until a bright tomorrow, a long way to go. Happy Yalda night!

Yalda is an opportunity to repeat everything
They used to be an example of our goodness
And today they are dusting our windowsills. . .

Forgetting is not in our creed

Yalda is only one minute high!

But our devotion to you is infinite…

“Happy Yalda in advance”

Keep tonight in the light of centuries old…

Yalda night, this night the birth of Mehr and Mitra, the night of the birth of light and brightness

Congratulations to you Iranians

The watermelon of your sweet dreams
The pomegranate of your success is full of seeds
Pistachio of your smiling memories
Happy life story
May your life be as long as Yalda
happy Yalda

My share of Yalda night maybe…

A story of grief and red pomegranate that is full of nostalgia

My sorrows are as long as Yalda night

Yalda Night SMS

Is tonight Yalda night?
P. No p. I want my beloved moonlight tonight! My dear, if I sleep, I want my doctor!
happy Yalda!

Let my moon be my birthday

Be the snowy night of my month

Come the most beautiful crazy tonight

Be with me for a lifetime

Happy birthday to you

I wanted to tell you that in a few days you will be counted! But I remembered that the day of the census of livestock resources is another day گ

Did you notice that the anxiety that the moment of cutting Hindu is not has a World Cup final?
Happy birthday if you are careful

This is from the Indians on Yalda night! Let them cool in the fridge!
happy Yalda!

Let’s turn our hearts a little upside down
Let’s go crazy for each other
Yalda night has become close to a friend
Let’s become Indians together
happy Yalda night

Yalda night's text

Say forty times (forty to forty times forty times) and send forty to forty to mess up the night’s news!
Happy New Year

I’m leaving tonight, I don’t think we’ll see each other again …
Do not forget me and forgive me for all my evil …
On behalf of Autumn, Yalda Mubarak

Hey, I am in charge, otherwise I would have congratulated you on Yaldaro night !!! Happy Yalda night

Tomorrow is a big day, the day you were waiting for. Everyone’s eyes count on you as very rude. Tomorrow you will be considered a chicken!

Yalda night is always eternal / Winter is the spring of life
Yalda night is the night of Far and Kian / is a sign of Iranian tradition

The pleasure that is in playing umbrellas and suddenly breaking into the house of the jaws and the family on the night of Cheleh is not in the ceremony with the previous invitation!
happy Yalda!

you are good !
you are the best !
You are alone!
Let it cool in the refrigerator overnight
Happy Yalda night ahead

We do not have a friend whose name is Yalda. Give me a special feeling this night!

Your face is like a watermelon flower, your laughter is like a watermelon wedge, your rose is like a watermelon skin, my pocket is full of watermelon eggs
happy Yalda

Snow white for your soul
Pomegranate fry for your heart
Watermelon sweets for your love
And I wish Yalda height for your beautiful life
happy Yalda

I want to count you somewhere tonight!
Happy Jojo!

Funny Yalda night sms

Funny Yalda night sms

Winter is late again

Our cup of tea and coffee cools down

The only star of Yalda last year

Your eyes are expelled from the sky

How generous is the autumn that lovingly offered the glory of the longest night to the birthday of winter. Your winter is white and healthy. . .

happy Yalda

The depth of your eyes is the story of Yalda One Thousand and One Nights

It’s not over what I read…

Let’s take everything we have from light and red

Let’s sit together

And let friendships be a barrier against darkness

Your dream birthday

Your days are bright

Your rainy nights. . .

Yalda night pomegranate

It does not matter if the watermelon you bought is white

It does not matter if the sour pomegranate comes out of the water

Or even a few of the walnuts you break are empty

The important thing is to be dear to the person who congratulates you on Yalda night

happy Yalda

Of all the fruits, I remember the pomegranate, oh, like your own pomegranate, one thousand good ones in front of Yalda Mubarak

Autumn leaves its burden

This cold destiny is beginning

I have to warm your name again

At the beginning of the poetry book, I wrote my heart

My dear friends, last fall.
If I break your heart
If I said anything
If I treated you badly, if I bothered you
I did a very good job! I wanted to say that this is the program in the new season as well
happy Yalda

You hear the smell of Yalda

The end of Azar Street

I pour a bowl of water

Behind the foot of autumn and all

You can go and say goodbye

Divine grief dies in your heart
God bless your enemy
God bless me everywhere
You are healthy, your heart will not die one day
Divine pain and sorrow are separated from you
God bless your heart
Divine wherever you are
May God sprinkle flowers on your heart

happy Yalda