Yemeni army destroys Saudi reconnaissance drone

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sari, announced on Monday that a reconnaissance drone belonging to Saudi Arabia had been destroyed.

Al-Masira news network quoted a quick report as saying that the Yemeni air defense managed to shoot down the 4-CH reconnaissance drone this afternoon.

Sari said the drone belonged to the Saudi Air Force and was targeted with a “suitable missile”.

Without mentioning the type of missile, he stressed that the drone, which was carrying out hostile actions in the “Madghal” area of ​​Ma’rib province, was shot down.

Late last August, it was reported that the Yemeni army’s air defenses had shot down an RQ-20 spy drone over the Harz area near the Saudi border.

He also said that the operation to destroy the drone was documented with video cameras. Without naming the weapon used in the destruction of the drone, he merely said that a suitable weapon was used in the operation.