Zahedan and Zabol turned orange again

According to Borna News Agency; Abbas Ali Arjmandi stated: The situation in the cities of Sistan and Baluchestan is still fragile and it is not the case that the corona virus has completely passed.

He added: “All ceremonies and gatherings are closed and the restrictions on the status of orange again are applied in these cities.”

A spokesman for the Sistan and Baluchestan Corona Management Headquarters said: All government and non-government agencies, public non-governmental organizations, private centers and all centers that provide face-to-face services to the people should plan to provide face-to-face services without creating any queues and crowds. Observe the necessary social distancing and health protocols and provide services virtually as much as possible to reduce referrals.

He specified: restaurants and food supply and cooking centers, restaurants, cafes, fast foods will operate only outside.

Arjmandi stated: Holding any market day, handicraft markets, general and specialized exhibitions is prohibited.

He pointed out: Teaching in universities, schools and other scientific centers will follow the education process in absentia.
A spokesman for the Sistan and Baluchestan Corona Management Headquarters said: “Intercity traffic from the cities of Zahedan and Zabul to other places is prohibited, and only vehicles licensed by the governorate can travel to these cities.”

He stressed: “People should still avoid periods, because according to statistics and studies conducted in the field of research, 51 to 55 percent of patients with coronary heart disease have occurred in these periods.”

Arjmandi pointed out: If all people follow the health protocols in full, with God’s help, the declining statistics of the cities of Sistan and Baluchestan will improve and stabilize.