Zamyad production record was broken after 9 years / Monthly production in Zamyad exceeded 4200 units

Following the realization of the increase and leap in production in Saipa Automotive Group, the record of monthly production of Zamyad Company was broken after 9 years with the production of more than 4200 units of various light commercial products in December 1999.

According to Zamyad Economic Observatory and quoting Zamyad Communications, the company was able to achieve more in the light commercial vehicles sector in the conditions of simultaneous sanctions and the corona disease epidemic, simultaneously with activating the existing production capacities as well as reducing non-compliant parts and constantly interacting with parts suppliers. To produce 4200 types of vans in December of 1999.

The recording of this new record in Zamyad Company, which has been unprecedented since 1991, has been achieved in conditions such as sanctions and restriction of communication channels for the supply of parts and production of various types of vehicles; Also, the impossibility of reopening letter of credit (LC) has been one of the major challenges for automakers in the last two years.

It is worth mentioning that in order to increase customer satisfaction, Zamyad Company, along with increasing production, has paid special attention to quality level and product portfolio development, and in this regard, has implemented important measures to maintain and improve the quality of various products, including We can mention the development and renovation of the paint salon, the renovation of the fixture, the Euro 5 engine project, and so on.

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