Zobahan is self-sufficient in supplying the required technology and equipment

According to reports Online Economy, Morteza Shirinparvar, Director of Research and Development of Zobahan Company, pointing out that in recent years, research and development processes and activities have been of special interest to Isfahan Steel Management, said: “Based on this, Isfahan Steel with a history of over 50 years Activity and having a research and development unit with a life of more than 30 years, the possibility of enjoying the benefits of these processes and being in a special and desirable position, in recent years has made many efforts in this regard.

He added: “In Zobahan Research and Development Unit, research and development activities in areas such as plans, projects and localization activities of parts, equipment, processes and designs, activities related to product development and activities related to problem solving and improving work processes, as well as upgrading Safety, health and environment, waste recycling as well as in the field of human resources, market and finance as well as plans, projects and activities related to socio-research interactions are being pursued and carried out, based on which a wide range of activities are defined and implemented. Focuses on different projects.

The director of research and development of the company emphasized: these supports and measures with goals such as pre-study to examine the possibility of implementing large projects (use in the project study phase), industry familiarity with new sciences and technologies, identifying and solving small problems and encouragement. Company experts to improve the scientific level in order to empower Problem Solving, to carry out social missions in areas such as enabling students of universities and educational institutions to get acquainted with industry in terms of empowerment, enabling university professors to get acquainted with industry, reviewing and improving courses to develop courses Required industry, identification of committed academic elites to study the possibility of employment and presence in industry, promotion and improvement of knowledge frontiers and the ability to extract articles in scientific conferences called Isfahan Steel is being pursued.

Shirinparvar explained about the interaction of Zobahan Complex with knowledge-based companies for localization: Knowledge-based companies are research-economic enterprises whose activity is based on applying different aspects of knowledge, operationalizing applied research results and producing scientific ideas. . Accordingly, in many cases where the provision of industrial requirements requires the use of various scientific and knowledge-based aspects, due to the various capacities available, such as elite human resources, sufficient scientific-industrial resources, advanced equipment, scientific and industrial software and hardware, Advanced tools, equipment and machinery, accurate measurement systems and other required facilities that are tools in industrial localization processes, these companies have the ability to cooperate and participate in localization projects and in various projects the capabilities of these companies have been used. Is.

He added: “Isfahan Steel, by understanding and accepting this fact from years ago and even since its establishment, by creating the necessary capacities, has not only acted in the localization of its required tools, equipment and parts, but in many cases and according to need, with Concluding research contracts in the field of localization has effectively benefited from the help and cooperation of these companies.

Shirin Parvar emphasized: Isfahan Steel, taking advantage of the presence of specialized and experienced staff and having many facilities based on the general belief in the country, has taken effective steps in this regard, so that today it is completely self-sufficient in many aspects of work.

In this regard, the Director of Research and Development of Isfahan Steel pointed to the issue of steel production process by the furnace-oxygen converter method and said: “Currently, we are not only able to set up and install steel production equipment in this way, but also in some cases by optimization and modification.” In some activities, we have localized the process and implemented several projects in the country.

He stressed: “In the field of localization of parts and equipment, due to the ease of access and economic aspects, similar to many countries with technology, in some cases, some needs are still met from abroad, but in cases where the possibility of supply from abroad.” The country does not exist for various reasons, such as sanctions, due to the various existing domestic capacities, the necessary action has been taken, according to which up to 80% of the needs have been localized.